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Bring This Scan To Your Doctor!

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When purchasing from the links below, select either "User Price" or "Reseller Price"
Resellers must submit a signed "No Tax No Shipping Cost" Reseller Form - Click for Volume Wholesale Purchases

Commercial & Home User Price
"Users Price"


(With Processing NV Tax
& $250. Shipping Charge)

Reseller's Purchase Price
"Resellers Price"

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 or "Reseller"
No Deposit Finance 100%

$17,990.  (Submit with Reseller Form Allowing No Tax / Free Shipping)

For ALL Reseller Orders - Print Reseller Form

above and email to

Note:  If Reseller, the "Reseller Must Complete" form must be completed and emailed to or mailed to 377 Palm Trace Ave, Las Vegas, NV 89148

If purchase is for Commercial or Personal use please select "Users Price"  ---  If purchase is for later resale please select "Reseller Price"


(With Processing Fee, NV Tax Rate
& $250. Shipping Charge)

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(With Signed Reseller Form &

250. Shipping Fee Not Charged)

Price if using $1,000 

Reseller Deposit

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Balance of Reseller's Price
No Tax - No Shipping Cost - Click Reseller's Form Above

HEALTH SCAN PRICE AND TAKE HOME COST - Purchase Options Below are for Health Scan and Optional Thumb Drive Report Purchases

$50. "1 Min Health Scan"
(Was $100. For the 80 to 120 Page Educational Health Scan to bring to your doctor.  Includes a 2 page Comprehensive Report emailed to  purchaser.  If full 80 to 120 page report is placed on a thumb drive and given to purchaser, a $60. fee will be required. 

$60. Thumb Drive of 80 to 120 Page Health Report
(For a copy on thumb drive or email of the 80 to 120 Page Educational Health Scan to bring to your doctor. 

$-0- No Charge for Making and Viewing the 80 to 120 Page Health Scan Report  After making the report you will be emailed the 2 page comprehensive results.
(Must have Free Report Code on order form Below) 

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New Best Quality teslasPEMF Mat

$3,990.  -  $2,995. Best Mat! (TeslasPEMF Best Mat Reduced Price)
TeslasPEMF Mat must be used with the full TeslasPEMF power station.

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Attention Resellers - depending on your past or future expected sales volume you will receive a
"Lower Purchase Cost From Above" benefiting you by building your profit as an Approved Reseller.

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