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  • MegaPulse T3 Mobile  -  The MegaPulse T3 comes in a high-impact composite case and can run 2 applications simultaneously. This allows the device to be used within or outside of a clinical setting. Field research, on-site treatments for sporting events and marketing opportunities such as festivals and local farmers markets are easy to set up. Additionally, the Mobile unit adds 50% more power for quick and effective treatment of injuries in a high-use environment. 

  • Price - $22,997.00 Reduced to $19,997.00

  • HUGO

  • $24,999.00 to $15,999.00 (No Software)

  • Includes: HUGO professional portable unit on wheels (yellow case), dual mat applicators, single loop coil, double loop coil, long rope coil, and power cord.


  • High Intensity, Nano-second, Spark-gap PEMF machine engineered to restore and optimize the body’s natural healing system. You will feel the pulsation happening as the true pulsed electromagnetic field reaches out and relieves every area of inflammation in the body.

  • The HUGO PRO is unique in that it uses dual full body mats delivering high intensity electromagnetic field pulses above and below the body simultaneously. These pulses penetrate deeply into the body at the cellular level. PEMFs has been shown to be completely safe apart from the contraindications listed below. Treating both top and bottom will work faster and more effectively. Treatment time is therefore usually 12 minutes per session, although some sessions may be 36-60 minutes if so advised.

  • Price: $15,999. to $24,999. (No Software)

  • Gemini All Terrain Case

  • PEMF Machine
    Dimensions: 17″ W X 12″ D X 26″ H
    Coils included: JCB Loop, Small Double Kappie, Padde, Pad
    Approx Weight: 32 lbs
    Voltage: 120-230 VAC, 50-60 HZ

  • Price:  $24,000.00

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