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High Power Commercial Strength PEMF Units are Often Priced at $24,995 or more 

Now get a low price with a Free Software offer. Best of the many High Energy Commercial PEMF products.  Limited time to get this top multi-frequencies system.

Get this TeslasPEMF System, 1 or 2 Coil, with Free $500 Valued Commercial Software!

SPECIAL LIMITED TIME OFFER - Level 2 Purchase Volume of 5 + Systems Gets Level 3 Pricing Below:

"Level 2 Gets Level 3 Pricing" - "$24,995. to as low as $12,795 (If Not On the Form Call for Approval Code)

"Level 1 Gets Level 2 Pricing" - "$24,995. to as low as $14,795 (If Not On Form Call for Approval Code)



 - During the Free Commercial Strength Software Offer - 

Get a Best Price on the Best PEMF system in the World - Now with FREE Software  

Complete the financing form below and request a Greatly Discounted Intro Purchase

(Save shipping charge if you submit full amount at the time you purchase the TeslasPEMF 1 or 2 Coil System) 

  1. We finance all professions and business types.

  2. We offer loans to you and you can pay the loan off at any time without penalty, future interest charges, or additional fees. 

  3. We do not report to credit bureaus, as long as you pay on the loan, so the loan will not affect your personal line of credit.

  4. No blanket liens.

  5. No down payments.

  6. Electronic signatures so you are not required to mail in the original loan documents.

  7. 12 to 60 month terms.

  8. 90 day deferred payments.

  9. 2 hour credit approval.

  10. Same-day documents.

  11. We also have a great solution for tougher credit types as well.

  12. We also offer unsecured loans for you in finance, service, supplies, buildouts, etc.

  13. You may be able to take advantage of the Section 179 IRS tax deduction right now instead of waiting until taxes are filed?  If you pay quarterly tax estimates, your CPA may be able to adjust your estimated payments for the rest of the year by taking into account a new equipment purchase. This could free up additional cash flow to make up to 16 months of future equipment payments.

Attached is the credit application for you to complete and request the purchaser's Intro Priced offer of as low as $12,795.  

After NCMIC loan is approved at link below, please notify TeslasPEMF  at 888-427-3505 and your shipment date will be given to you.  (Usually within 2 weeks.) 

Apply For Financing during Free Software Offer at:


 (Note: Add $150. shipping cost per unit ordered if payment is less than full amount.)

Intro Purchase "Buy 1" Price
Includes Computer Software at
"No Added Cost"
Limited Time Sponsor Offer

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